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Who We Are

Founded in 2014, BAC E-Commerce is a leading e-commerce service provider enabling foreign companies and brands to capture the fast growing cross-border B2C E-Commerce market in China.

What We Do

BAC integrated brand e-commerce capabilities encompass all aspects of the e-commerce value chain covering IT solutions, store operations, digital marketing, customer services, warehousing and fulfilment. BAC helps brand partners execute their e-commerce strategies in China by selling their products directly to customers online or by providing services to assist with their e-commerce operations.

We minimise operational complexity for our customers.

With BAC, there’s no need to hire in-house linguists or developers. There’s no worry about integrating CMSs, platforms or solutions, either. Instead of stressing about the complex, error-prone tasks associated with website translation, your team can focus on what’s most important: growing your business.


The E-Silkroad to assist International Brands into China.


Enabling SMEs and International Brands to launch in China.


Brand Building

Our marketing solution enable brands to amplify their reach, create unique experiences, and achieve loyalty – all in a localized, consistent tone.

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Channel Development

E-commerce is the fastest, most cost-effective way to achieve broad distribution.

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Web Store Development

We build your online presence in each of the marketplaces so you have full control of your brand’s narrative, business image, product pricing and the end-to-end user experience.

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Data, Analytics & Insight

In a market such as China, international brands are faced with an evolving set of issues related to ROI calculation, pricing decisions, and promotional activity. Our data and insights provide clarity into performance and category trends.

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Why Join Us
As of June 2017, BAC has over 70 employees with an average age group of 30 years old. We are highly passionate about Cross-Border e-commerce and strive to be in the forefront of innovation in this domain. Most importantly, we know how to work hard but also play hard.

We believed that passion is what keeps us going and we will strive to keep the passion burning by encouraging entrepreneurship within the company.

Management Philosophy
We believed nothing is more foresightful than Jack Ma's quote "Customers number 1, Employees number 2 and Investors number 3".

Excellence in products and services to BAC’s customers, partners and investors is the top priority for the BAC. BAC believes that high-quality production and service from its staff is facilitated by a healthy workplace. A work environment that is flexible, encourages open communication, prizes fairness, recognises good work performance and respects the differences and rights of individuals optimises BAC staff's health and performance. Motivation to achieve excellence is maximised when staff is treated with decency, trust and respect.

Brand Manager 品牌经理

Luoyang-China / 洛阳-中国 - 3532
Main Responsibilities Include But Not Limited To
• Work closely with brand's owners to develop a strategy
• Lead the team to execute all strategic local marketing programs (including social media & digital marketing)
• Align marketing plans with Brand guidelines to build and develop omni-channel network.
• Update and track monthly dashboard and collaborate with cross functional teams to work out and present viable promotion strategies
• Perform pre and post evaluation of marketing campaigns
• Analysis of sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales

This role will suit marketing professional who thrives on end to end brand management. Successful candidate will ideally have the following criteria
• Min Degree or equivalent in Marketing / Business / Mass Comm or related discipline
• Must have strong digital and/or social media marketing experience
• Demonstrated experience in working with brands
• A passion for working with premium brands/goods
• Excellent planning and analytical skill, interpersonal and communication skills required
• Results oriented and dynamic individual with strong business acumen
• Excellent people skills with an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.
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Brand Manager 品牌经理

Luoyang - China / 洛阳 - 中国 - 3532

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Platform Operation Manager 平台运营经理

Luoyang - China / 洛阳 - 中国
1. 负责平台营销推广及网络广告的投放(直通车、钻展等),提高店铺有效流量;
2. 针对推广效果进行跟踪、评估和统计分析,及时提出营销改进方案;
3. 负责收集市场和行业信息,发现店铺问题和解决方案;
5. 负责网店的日常运营,做出运营预算,对网店业绩负直接责任,
6. 要了解网店产品规划;协调内部资源并对日常工作出现的问题及时解决;
1. 有3年以上带团队运营经验。
2. 熟悉网络推广渠道、运作模式,精通商城运营管理,有着优秀的战略意识;
3. 有良好的语言沟通能力,掌握良好的沟通技巧,洽谈能力强;
4. 熟悉天猫数据分析工具,懂得利用数据分析,指导并检验推广计划;
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Tmall silver star

BAC has achieved the Silver Star Tmall Partner award for the period

Learn MoreJan 10, 2021

Five Star Koala Supplier

BAC extended their reach into new marketplaces in early 2020 and emerged as a 5-Star service partner for the period

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End to End Financial Settlement

Your company does not have to be registered as a legal entity to trade in China, thanks to our services. If required, we can take care of the entire financial process for you from beginning to end.

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Size of Sports Industry in China from 2013 - 2025

This statistic shows the size of the sports industry market in China from 2013 to 2025. In 2013, the size of China sports industry market amounted to just over 56 billion U.S. dollars.

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Official Opening of Luoyang Office

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8 Ways Brands Can Fight Counterfeits in China

Counterfeit luxury goods are big business in China. Together, China and Hong Kong are estimated to be the source of 86% of the world’s counterfeit goods—an amount that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates is worth about $397 billion.

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Number of online shoppers in China from 2006 to 2017 (in millions)

The past decade has seen rapid growth in the demand for online shopping opportunities in China. The number of online shoppers in China has been increasing exponentially from below 34 million in 2006 to over 361 million users in 2014, enabling this enormous spurt of China’s e-commerce sector. As of 2013, digital buyer penetration rate in China has edged close to 50 percent, far exceeding the worldwide average online shopping penetration of 41.3 percent.

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Cross border ecommerce in China: the basics of TP

If an international brand wants to establish online business in China, TMALL is the marketplace it can almost never avoid. To make things easier, brands can work with TMALL Partners (TPs) as they offer an end-to-end solution from establishing a TMALL store, sorting out legal issues, protecting your IP, custom clearance, strategising your marketing campaign and etc

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Cross Border eCommerce: Operating Model

BAC provides wide range of service ranging from E-Commerce Website creation / operation, order management, customer support to international distribution at One-Stop based on its business know-how on international E-Commerce business

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Why Western fashion brands fail in China, and tips on succeeding in a country where millennial consumers are taking over

A lack of understanding of Chinese consumers and how they shop has cost many international fashion brands dearly as they try to make it in the China market. We look at where they go wrong and what they should do instead

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Cross-border e-commerce in China: what’s the trend in 2017?

Over the past few years, China has maintained steady growth to help generate the global economy. This rapid growth can be attributed to numerous factors. One of the most important is the internet, as well as online businesses, of which e-commerce has performed quite well and gained extraordinary growth.

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Selling to China Without a Physical Presence: How to Open an Online Shop on Tmall Global

In China, companies seeking to engage in the online retail industry are required to first set up a company and a physical store. For investors not yet fully prepared for setting up a company in China, global sites launched by China’s local e-commerce platforms might be the best choice to sell to China’s lucrative market.

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