Brand Manager 品牌经理 - Luoyang-China / 洛阳-中国 - 3532

Main Responsibilities Include But Not Limited To
• Work closely with brand's owners to develop a strategy
• Lead the team to execute all strategic local marketing programs (including social media & digital marketing)
• Align marketing plans with Brand guidelines to build and develop omni-channel network.
• Update and track monthly dashboard and collaborate with cross functional teams to work out and present viable promotion strategies
• Perform pre and post evaluation of marketing campaigns
• Analysis of sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales

This role will suit marketing professional who thrives on end to end brand management. Successful candidate will ideally have the following criteria
• Min Degree or equivalent in Marketing / Business / Mass Comm or related discipline
• Must have strong digital and/or social media marketing experience
• Demonstrated experience in working with brands
• A passion for working with premium brands/goods
• Excellent planning and analytical skill, interpersonal and communication skills required
• Results oriented and dynamic individual with strong business acumen
• Excellent people skills with an upbeat and enthusiastic attitude.
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Brand Manager 品牌经理 - Luoyang - China / 洛阳 - 中国 - 3532


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Platform Operation Manager 平台运营经理 - Luoyang - China / 洛阳 - 中国

1. 负责平台营销推广及网络广告的投放(直通车、钻展等),提高店铺有效流量;
2. 针对推广效果进行跟踪、评估和统计分析,及时提出营销改进方案;
3. 负责收集市场和行业信息,发现店铺问题和解决方案;
5. 负责网店的日常运营,做出运营预算,对网店业绩负直接责任,
6. 要了解网店产品规划;协调内部资源并对日常工作出现的问题及时解决;
1. 有3年以上带团队运营经验。
2. 熟悉网络推广渠道、运作模式,精通商城运营管理,有着优秀的战略意识;
3. 有良好的语言沟通能力,掌握良好的沟通技巧,洽谈能力强;
4. 熟悉天猫数据分析工具,懂得利用数据分析,指导并检验推广计划;
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